OAC: Ocean Awareness Challenge

About the OAC

The OAC originated in early 2015 with a group of passionate women sailors from the Women’s Sailing Association – Orange County (WSA-OC). As concerned citizens of the ocean-loving community, the members of WSA-OC were distressed about the fragile state of our ocean’s health. Trash, acidification, plastics and over-fishing are only a few of the huge problems that are affecting our oceans and our planet. They were inspired to help improve the situation and launched the OAC to “Help Save The Blue Heart Of The Earth.”

The overwhelming success of the 2016 OAC event was due to an amazing team of volunteers, donors and supporters and became a more complex event than was originally conceived. As a result, the OAC has been spun off as its own organization dedicated exclusively to ocean awareness events to allow it to grow and pursue its mission and objectives most effectively. Contact the OAC if you wish to be part of the planning committee at their Ocean Awareness Challenge Website.



2016 Ocean Awareness Challenge-
Check out highlights from the weekend!